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The Authentic Damon MacLeod: Unfiltered, Real, and Raw

Discover the musical journey of Peoria, Arizona country pop singer-songwriter Damon MacLeod. After releasing a couple handful of singles every two weeks, Damon serenades us all with his first ever full length album as of November 4th. Each of Damon's songs tells a captivating story, recorded acoustically, and enriched through collaboration with a talented team.

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The Stories Weaved in Melodies

On Damon MacLeod, Damon uses his voice and guitar to write stories that resonate with life's highs and lows. His music delves into the complexities of dating relationships, the profound influence of prayer in uniting hearts, and the poignant struggle of being apart from those we hold dear.

Damon's Lyrics

Here's a sneak peek into some of the powerfully relatable lyrics from Damon MacLeod's self-titled album:

Dancing Salsa


 "This life's more about learning to dance."

Sunrise Tour

My Everything

"All that I have to give to you is my everything."

Piano Note

Fast Enough

"Cause the hands on the clock don't spin fast enough."



"You made me a whole lot better."

Classical Music

Worthy of You

"I'll work my very best to be worthy of you."



"I'll pray for you and you'll pray for me."

Music Notes

You Got Me

"I'll admit, you got me."


Stop Sign

"You can leave me here at the stop sign."


I Know He Knows

"I know He knows, and if you turn to Him, He'll take it away from you."

Meet the Collaborators

Damon's first full length album wouldn't be complete without the skillful contributions of his collaborators. Simon Elam played a pivotal role in the recording process, and a team of gifted artists added their unique flavors to the mix. Vocalist Natalie Charal, violinist William Hughes, cover artist Daisy Valdez, and even some percussion and vocals from Simon himself have joined forces to bring Damon’s songs to life through much remote collaboration.

Stay in the Loop

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